Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Introduction

Mary Rogers Cabot
Thankfully, Mary Rogers Cabot (MRC), my great grand aunt, seemed to have been a collector and writer of all things family history related. She saved thousands of letters written to her, from her as well as letters from others. She wrote a two volume set of books documenting the history of Brattleboro, Vermont, titled Annals of Brattleboro 1681 - 1895 (Press of E.L. Hildreth & Co, 1920 & 21). It also appears she went on many adventures to places far beyond her local Vermont roots, such as Wetumpka, Alabama where her parents were married, to San Francisco, California where her father worked for some time, to the Azores, to Egypt, to Europe, and more. She was the oldest of four children, born 20 August 1856, Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont, to Norman Franklin Cabot and Lucy Quincy Tarbell (Brooks) Cabot. She never married and passed away in her home town on 30 April 1932. This blog includes her journal of her sailing trip to the Azores in 1882 with her mother and youngest sister, Grace (my grandmother).

I have the original journal and a version that Mary apparently re-wrote into more of a story. I am transcribing the original version and will be posting the transcriptions here. My original intent was to post the journal posts on the same month and day that they were originally written (starting on April 26th). Since I have not transcribed the entire journal yet, I may not be able to keep this up for very long, but I will do my best.

I have found a great photo of the ship ("Sarah") that Mary Rogers Cabot sailed on to the Azores. This ship is known as a Barque (or Bark). The header photo on this blog was drawn by MRC and was included in the back of her journal.

I hope you enjoy Mary's journey as much as I have!


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  2. Will, as a Portuguese genealogist with roots in the Azores, I perk up when anyone is writing about this region. I look forward to reading about Mary and her voyage.

  3. Thanks for visiting. I think you will find MRC's voyage entertaining. My wife and I took a vacation to Sao Miguel several years ago and really enjoyed it. We stayed in Furnas and Ponta Delgada. We would like to return to visit some of the other islands.