Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sunday, April 30th, 1882

Sunday 30th At Sea
A rainy day - stayed in saloon all the morning and caught a glimpse of the foul Fiend - ah bah! I wished I was on land and vowed I would never come to sea again. I endured for a time until the Cap't began Naomi on his organ and then I plunged boldly to the ship's side in the pouring rain and raging wind. Stayed out all day, got rid of any breakfast and ate nothing but hard tack the rest of the day. Miss Smith who could not even imagine that any well bred person could be sick went to bed early in the afternoon - perfectly wretched. The first mate Mr Adams (Franenknecht) is lovely, a German, jovial, kind and attentive, has been 22 yrs on sea and full of interesting experience. Has most fascinating expression, like B.J.L.'s all the ladies enamoured. He wrapped me up in blankets and I laid down in the doorway of his stateroom until 9 P.M. talking with him. 9 knots an hour. Clearing -

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