Friday, July 17, 2015

List of Expenses

[List of expenses during the trip]
May 10th Flores.
Being carried to Island .38
Child .25
Boy at Gardens .25

Fayal May 14th
Custom House .16
Boat .80
Basket .30
Donkey ride .38
Lace scarf .92
Photos 1.88
Bowl  .16
Bowl .04
Pau[?] .3
Fez .36
Bandanna .50
Scarf for Auntie 1.
Tour rides 1.44
Hat 1.36
P[?] .36
Oranges .36
Fare to St Michael 8.50
Stamps .10
Ride .50
Terceira .50
Ride .25
Terceira cap .50
Crate of Oranges 2.50
Seven Cities 1.50
Tobacco Cases .48
Board 2.40
Boat .12
Potter 3 pieces .16
Wine 4.
Carriage .50
Boats at Terceira 2 .50
D[?] .50
Cake .90
Bet 1.25
Washing 1.68
View of Pico .40
Tintype 1.50
Towel 1.50
3 baskets .70
Pottery .09
Hamper 2.
Sofa 4.50
Cloth for [?] 1.25
6 baskets 1.44
[blank] .18
4 pieces Pottery 1.75
Fez .23
Board Bill at Fayal 21.97
[Total] 75.
Fare to Azores & Re[?] 110
[Total] $185.

[This is the last entry in the journal, other than some brief notes on the history of the islands] 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

At Sea!

At Sea!
From Boston to Flores. 10 days
From Flores to Fayal 14 days
From Fayal to Terceira – Str Luso 6 hours
Terceira to St Michaels – Str Luso 8 hours
St Michaels to Fayal 7 days
Fayal to Flores 4 days
Flores to Boston 28 days
[Total] 53 days.

Voyage from Boston to Fayal 14 days
Voyage from Fayal to Boston 32 days

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Friday, July 14th, 1882

Friday July 14th 75 miles from Boston. Bark Sarah.
Another fine day. Signaled reserve cutter this morning before breakfast and took flour aboard. The officer brought ten or twelve newspapers so we had quite a feast. Everybody was in great excitement. Have been ahead of the man of war all day going at snails pace. A fine three masted schooner passed very near in the afternoon, the prettiest vessel we have seen. Clouding up at sunset, prospect of wind. Portland lights visible in the evening. Out til late with Miss Smith.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Thursday, July 13th, 1882

Thursday July 13th Off Cape Ann. Barque Sarah.
A dense fog all the morning, clearing towards afternoon, 4 to 5 knots an  hour. Plum duff. A coast steamer crossed our bow at dinner time Mr Adams packed my pottery in my hamper. The Captain saw 94 vessels on the horizon at sunset. Miss Smith, Mr Wallach & I sat out until 11.30 P.M. Monhegan Is light  & another in sight. Stars out.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wednesday, July 12th, 1882

Wednesday. July 12th Off Mt Desert Rock.
“A dre-em of a da-ay”. Last night was the “nastiest” we have had  quote Mr Silva, a dense fog and any number of vessels about us. The fog horn going all night. We had a great joke on Mr Kent whom Mr Wallach found sleeping in his life preserver. Fog cleared about 4 a.m & left us becalmed. The warmest day we have had since leaving Flores. 37 fishing vessels on the horizon at breakfast time. We took 3 barrels flower & some mackerel from them. In the afternoon there was an excitement over a rumor that the steerage were going to raise a mutiny because they have been cut down on bread. It is all talk I suppose. Mr Adams has promised to make rig a miniature ship for me on his next voyage. In the evening, Miss Smith, Mrs R., Mr Townsend & Adams sat out until 10 o’c reminiscensing [sic] over our trip and singing, Miss S. & I are very blue at the prospect of leaving Sarah & getting home, Mr Adams was very grumpy also. He gave us our Stingaringes [sic] in [?].

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tuesday, July 11th, 1882

Tuesday. July 11th. Bay of Fundy Barque Sarah
Fog and cold and choppy seas. 4 to 5 knots and hour. The fishing vessels appearing on all sides from the fog, a very pretty sight. Whist tournament going on all day.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Monday, July 10th, 1882

Monday. July 10th Barque Sarah.
Off Nova Scotia
“A dre-em of a da-ay”. Becalmed all the morning. A light breeze in the afternoon. Can see the Nova Scotia coast – passed a bark and several fishing vessels, from one we took 125 fresh cod. Can see the mackerel fleet in the distance – Beautiful sea and clouds – The Captain caught three cod & a huge cat fish. We are cut down on bread, cornbread & molasses. Mr Adams has finished his little bark and presented it to Miss Smith. The Dr. in search of the “elixir vitae”. Miss Smith found her Flores “mash”, Antoine Susa in the steerage today for the first time. Played Whist in the morning, sat on the Spanker boom with Mrs Lee, Miss Smith all the afternoon while Mrs Dr. read Jules Verne’s  “The Tribulations of a Chinaman.” Played Whist in the evening. I am willing to sell my farm & go to sea after such a day. We have seen several beautiful mirages.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sunday, July 9th, 1882

Sunday. 9th July. Barque Sarah.
Contrary winds. Last Plum Duff. Hailed a fishing vessel and bought some salt cod which made a good supper.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Friday, July 7th, 1882

Friday 7th July. Barque Sarah
Becalmed all day – towards evening fog. Were nearly run down by a steamer going to Boston.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tuesday, July 4th, 1882

Tuesday – 4th July – 650 miles from Boston.
A fine day, cold & clear, making about 5 knots an hour, two points off our course. Passed steamer bound for Halifax from England early this morning. When we came on deck after breakfast found the deck decorated with flags – I celebrated by finishing work on my porpoise jaw and whale’s tooth and learning Fayal embroidery of Mrs Lemey[?]. We had plum duff and kidney stew for dinner and strawberry preserves & cake for tea with unlimited lemonade and stingaree [stingray] in the evening. The sunset was the most glorious I ever saw anywhere. The whole heavens were ablaze – even in the East there was a flush of rose-color with a double rainbow over it. The sea was a gen d’arme blue in the East and in the West darker with flashes of gold on the tops of the waves. Every body was wild – the men went to the main top to see a second sunset. At 9 P.M. we had rockets and blue light – Then Mr Lee & I made 9 points at Whist against Miss Smith & Mrs Lee. Mr Silva very ill with bronchitis. As I write 10.30 P.M. the wind is East and we are making 8 knots – everybody is in good spirits over it and don’t complain tonight even though the Bilge water is “a-bilging” at a tremendous rate. We have dubbed Mr Lee, “The Whist Fiend”. Mr Wallach & I left in the dining saloon – all the rest turned in.

[No journal entries for July 5th and 6th]

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sunday, July 2nd, 1882

Sunday. July 2nd. 700 m. from Boston
A fiendish night, rolling from one side to another in our bunks and listening to the ship’s belongings banging about. I threw out my hot water bottle on to the floor about the middle of the night and there it careened with the tooth brush, mug and my bag. The door could not be kept shut. Miss Smith was dancing [?] [?] is every five minutes. There was a regular hurricane in Mr Wallach’s room and when a big lurch sent everything over I looked out and saw 3 [?] wine glasses hanging by the skin of their teeth to the frame over the dining table, some one picking up the debris from our bunks and state room floors. Grace called through the partition that she had not a wink of sleep. Mr Wallach went on deck at 2 a.m.

This morning very cold & fa[?] wind – a horrid smell.

[No journal entry for July 3rd]

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Saturday, July 1st, 1882

Saturday. July 1st At Sea.
Another rainy, foggy, rough day. The Captain says this would be a hurricane sea in the winter. Miss Smith & I lay in the tarpaulin covering to the boats and were covered with spray. In the afternoon a squall and the sea rougher as night came on. We have been losing all day. Cold as middle of winter.