Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wednesday, July 12th, 1882

Wednesday. July 12th Off Mt Desert Rock.
“A dre-em of a da-ay”. Last night was the “nastiest” we have had  quote Mr Silva, a dense fog and any number of vessels about us. The fog horn going all night. We had a great joke on Mr Kent whom Mr Wallach found sleeping in his life preserver. Fog cleared about 4 a.m & left us becalmed. The warmest day we have had since leaving Flores. 37 fishing vessels on the horizon at breakfast time. We took 3 barrels flower & some mackerel from them. In the afternoon there was an excitement over a rumor that the steerage were going to raise a mutiny because they have been cut down on bread. It is all talk I suppose. Mr Adams has promised to make rig a miniature ship for me on his next voyage. In the evening, Miss Smith, Mrs R., Mr Townsend & Adams sat out until 10 o’c reminiscensing [sic] over our trip and singing, Miss S. & I are very blue at the prospect of leaving Sarah & getting home, Mr Adams was very grumpy also. He gave us our Stingaringes [sic] in [?].

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