Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tuesday, July 4th, 1882

Tuesday – 4th July – 650 miles from Boston.
A fine day, cold & clear, making about 5 knots an hour, two points off our course. Passed steamer bound for Halifax from England early this morning. When we came on deck after breakfast found the deck decorated with flags – I celebrated by finishing work on my porpoise jaw and whale’s tooth and learning Fayal embroidery of Mrs Lemey[?]. We had plum duff and kidney stew for dinner and strawberry preserves & cake for tea with unlimited lemonade and stingaree [stingray] in the evening. The sunset was the most glorious I ever saw anywhere. The whole heavens were ablaze – even in the East there was a flush of rose-color with a double rainbow over it. The sea was a gen d’arme blue in the East and in the West darker with flashes of gold on the tops of the waves. Every body was wild – the men went to the main top to see a second sunset. At 9 P.M. we had rockets and blue light – Then Mr Lee & I made 9 points at Whist against Miss Smith & Mrs Lee. Mr Silva very ill with bronchitis. As I write 10.30 P.M. the wind is East and we are making 8 knots – everybody is in good spirits over it and don’t complain tonight even though the Bilge water is “a-bilging” at a tremendous rate. We have dubbed Mr Lee, “The Whist Fiend”. Mr Wallach & I left in the dining saloon – all the rest turned in.

[No journal entries for July 5th and 6th]

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