Friday, July 10, 2015

Monday, July 10th, 1882

Monday. July 10th Barque Sarah.
Off Nova Scotia
“A dre-em of a da-ay”. Becalmed all the morning. A light breeze in the afternoon. Can see the Nova Scotia coast – passed a bark and several fishing vessels, from one we took 125 fresh cod. Can see the mackerel fleet in the distance – Beautiful sea and clouds – The Captain caught three cod & a huge cat fish. We are cut down on bread, cornbread & molasses. Mr Adams has finished his little bark and presented it to Miss Smith. The Dr. in search of the “elixir vitae”. Miss Smith found her Flores “mash”, Antoine Susa in the steerage today for the first time. Played Whist in the morning, sat on the Spanker boom with Mrs Lee, Miss Smith all the afternoon while Mrs Dr. read Jules Verne’s  “The Tribulations of a Chinaman.” Played Whist in the evening. I am willing to sell my farm & go to sea after such a day. We have seen several beautiful mirages.

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