Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Friday, June 16th, 1882

Friday. June 16th Barque Sarah. Off Flores.
Learned two of Heine’s poems before breakfast which consisted of two eggs and six slices of bread and butter served to us by Mrs Lee in our bunks. Miss Smith wrote while I studied. When I arrived on deck we were just entering Santa Cruz. Flores looks as beautiful as ever to us. No one but Mr Wallach went on shore. He went off, in the afternoon and came back with a box of figs. He said the flowers were past so that the island is not as pretty as when we were here before. From our ship the lights and shades are very fine. It will always be the most beautiful island to us. We began reading aloud. Miss Smith, Grace & I – Tristram Shandy and I worked on some towels Mrs Lee wished to get through the Custom House without duty. Then Mrs Lee, Miss Smith & I formed “a tripod” on the roof and the Dr & Mr Townsend sang us to sleep.

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