Monday, June 8, 2015

Thursday, June 8th, 1882

Thursday. June 8th. Barque Sarah.
Mr Sanisberry and Dr R. sick all night, from the effect of the water they think. Townsend lame. We did not have wind from 2 P.M. until about 10 o’c when a brisk breeze arose. Pico beautifully clear. Each island of the Azores has one or more small rocks lying at each extremity. We are opposite a Jagg[?] rock belonging to San Jorge. The Veronica in sight, has left Horta bound homewards. The Capt. says that the latest burning crater was on San Jorge. 70 years ago it burst forth destroying an entire village whose church spires sticking out of the ground are the only indications of it now. The cinders and lava look as if the fire was yesterday.

All the evening we played 20 questions – the number on Mr Sanisberry’s watch being the one guessed. Mr Sanisberry & I had wine & crackers & cheese in the cabin and talked until bed time.

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