Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tuesday, June 13th, 1882

Tuesday June 13th Barque Sarah
Mr Sanisberry came with Beef Extract for me this morning. We wandered in the Hotel garden and I did some shopping. We came off shore at noon. Grace in the palanquin. All the Dabneys at the wharf to say goodbye. Miss Clara gave Grace some pressed ferns, Miss Roxie brought me some Holy Ghost bread and two of the whale’s teeth. The palanquin was lowered in to the boat. Mr Sanisberry & Mr Herbert D. came aboard and dined with us, and stayed until the Custom House Officers left. Mr S. brought me some fine lemons. We had some last fun and – Horta is gone forever. I have a fearful cold. It was a spectacle to see the farewells of the steerage to their friends on shore. Such weeping and wailing and embracing. We have 183 on board. When I left the Hotel Ann the woman who speaks English, embraced me in true Portuguese fashion a dz [dozen] times over and wept. I rewarded her with my [?]flamme. A lovely view of the sunset reflected on Pico.

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