Monday, June 29, 2015

Thursday, June 29th, 1882

Thursday. June 29th At Sea!
80 miles from the Grand Banks. A favorable wind in the early morning – still foggy and cold. Icebergs on the horizon – Miss Smith & I were in bed too late to see them. A five months old child of the carpenter died last night and was buried at 4 P.M. The vessel was hove to, the flag set at half mast and the bell tolled during the reading of the burial service. The child was placed in a little wooden box – usually the dead are sewed up in canvas – to which a heavy weight was attached. The box was placed on a plank and the sailors stood about it. The father and mother just behind. All the steerage passengers crowded about with uncovered heads – and the Capt. near Mr Lee on one side. Then Mr Lee read the service and at the words “give the body to the deep” the plank was raised and the box went down to the sea. The service took place in the waist, to leeward of the main hatch.

In the evening we saw 16 sailing vessels, fishing on the horizon. The sun shone on the sails and they were a remarkably pretty sight. Whist in the evening and lemonade. 

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