Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Saturday, June 17th, 1882

Saturday June 17th Barque Sarah. Off Flores.
Miss Smith & I talked until late last night in our bunks and she read the first chap. Of her novel to me before we arose this morning. Then I learned a poem of Heine’s – we had our eggs and toast and were on deck for lunch. We saw them raise some livestock on board, the beef was lifted by ropes tied around their horns – one of them was almost paralyzed with fright, in fact has not moved since he was brought on deck. 50 more steerage passengers came off and a lot of runaways will be on tonight. Weather cool and a head wind. We saw our last of Mr Mackey, his silk hat and umbrella about 5 P.M. and are off for Boston. Mr Adams and the Capt had a fierce encounter this afternoon – the Capt. gave an order which Mr Adams did not hear. The latter yelled “why in H – don’t you speak louder?” The Capt. told him not to use such language – Mr Adams retorted with impudence. The Capt. told him to go to his room and, not appear on deck again until we reach Boston. Mr A. replied he would appear on deck as often as he pleased. We are all very much excited. The Capt. wrote a note to him this evening asking him to write up his log book and settle up his accts. Belaying pins!

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