Monday, June 1, 2015

Thursday, June 1st, 1882

Thursday June 1st “Barque Sarah”
A shopping expedition on donkey back this morning and at 11 o’c I came aboard ship. The Captain’s Jewesses are here, and a Portuguese, Bensaude with sick son. Two staterooms have been built in the waist since we left. The boat has been painted and is in fine shape. Mr Adams has my wine. I am to have Mama’s room to Fayal and Townsend takes mine. Kent stays at Ponta Delgada, “thank God for so much” as Silva says as the steerage passengers came up late. Dr & Mrs Robertson & Mr Townsend & I sat in the waist after supper and I walked with Mr Adams until late. A full moon. The table is much better than when we came over, tender beef and well cooked and better bread and fresh water.

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