Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Saturday, June 3rd, 1882

Saturday June 3rd Off Terceira Barque Sarah.
Heard the name of my adored Pico early this morning so tumbled out to fine her on the horizon, towering above the clouds and snow capped. San Jorge was visible at the same time and later Terceira. We had a change of wind at noon and sailed in to Terceira just before supper. I have slept on deck nearly all day and eaten oranges at intervals. A lovely evening. We are near enough to shore to hear the land birds and the June freshness is delightful to see. We watched a beautiful sunset from the top of the house and Mrs Robertson, Mr Adams and I sat there until 10 o’c watching the stars and moon come out and the fireworks on shore. It is still a feasting time here. 

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