Monday, June 15, 2015

Thursday, June 15th, 1882

Thursday. June 15th Barque Sarah
Becalmed. In sight of Flores. Summer air and sea like a glass. Miss Smith & I stayed in our bunks until lunch. She is writing a novel, for a philopoena[?] for Mr Dabney. Will read it to me later. She is going to write every morning before breakfast and I am going to learn one of Heine’s poems at the same time. Read a sketch of Mme Scrode Derrient[?]. The evening was superb. A fiery sky and sunset back of Flores & Corvo. A Brigantine, the Kalunia, with salt, bound for St Johns came to us for water. The sun against her sails made her very beautiful. This day has been perfection. We are agreed to be happy if we are becalmed there months in weather like this. Miss Smith read aloud some of Heine’s poems to me in the evening. We ate apricots, plums and oranges all day long. Another porpoise. 

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