Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Friday, May 26th, 1882

Friday. May 26th Fayal Hotel.
Sick this morning so I could not go with the rest to the Caldeira [sic]. I spent the morning reading File 113 by Gaboriau – very exciting – and laughing at Mrs Edwards who has been enlarging on her aristocratic friends, and her father’s estate in Australia, all in the broadest Irish brogue. She is devoted to traveling and now that there has been an earthquake here she has an excuse to give Mr Edwards for wishing to leave Fayal. She showed us her collection of china, some very specimens of Indian basket china and some other very old. The people who went to the Caldeira came home exhausted but very enthusiastic over the beauty and marvel of the crater. It is over 1500 ft deep and 5 miles around, filled with vegetation and a slimy lake in the center. The ascent is very difficult and note safe on donkey back so there was a great deal of walking. Mr Kent & Mr Taylor were thrown four or five times each and Mr Sanisberry had a fall. Miss Smith came off a poor old hag and nearly killed her. One of the donkeys kicked furiously and balked besides.

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