Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sunday, May 21st, 1882

Sunday. May 21st Horta.
This morning we went to mass at the San Francisco church. Mr & Mrs Lee went to high mass at another church and said that they had a brass band, and fireworks outside, at the elevation of the host. All day there have been small companies of men dressed in bright red carrying drums & tambourines who have paraded the streets making a hideous noise in honor of the day. There was going to be a grand procession in the afternoon – which takes place once a year – but it rained and so was given up. They said the saints costumes would be ruined by the rain. Mama & I went to the Public gardens and were caught in a shower. Ever since the earth quake there has been cold and rainy weather at Horta. The weather reminds me of San Fran. In the wet season for it showers and is dry and the sun out again in twenty minutes. Mr Lee read the service in the parlor after tea and we sang hymns. The Stimsons, Mr Sanisberry, Mr Herbert Dabney, the Capt. of the ship in the harbor and our own party. Mr Sanisberry and Grace have made a bet of two embroidered handkerchiefs on the weather tomorrow. We ate nespras and drank wine and to bed!

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