Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wednesday, May 3rd, 1882

Wed. May 3rd At Sea
A perfectly wretched night - not one wink of sleep, forcing myself against side of berth to keep from giving out all night long. Sea came in porthole, a stiff breeze - making splendid time - but utterly miserable. Struggled out of berth after dinner, sat on floor and took 1/2 hours to clean myself - head weighing 1 ton. Miss Smith wretched too. Couldn't eat anything. Outside pleasant, mate wrapped me up in rugs. Mrs Lee, Miss Smith & I up until 10 P.M. glorious moonlight, planning with 1st mate for fun in Fayal & St Michaels - singing, etc. Jerked beef & toast for supper - feel better - bed.

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